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Next Arms Race Readings

Required Readings

  • Jeffrey Becker, “A Starcruiser for Space Force: Thinking Through the Imminent Transformation of Spacepower,” War on the Rocks, May 19, 2021.

Recommended Readings

The Future of Conflict

North Africa and the Middle East


Latin America

Future Military Strategies in a Proliferated World

Possible Arms Control and Nonproliferation Efforts

  • Brian Chow and Albert Wohlstetter, “Arms Control that Could Work.Wall Street Journal, July 17, 1985, in Nuclear Heuristics: Selected Writings of Albert and Roberta Wohlstetter, ed. Robert Zarate and Henry Sokolski (Carlisle, PA: Strategic Studies Institute, 2009), 501-505.

Also see the video of President Obama’s remarks and his Berlin Speech given June 19, 2013.

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