Nuclear Energy Economics Readings

Required Readings

Recommended Readings

Nuclear Power’s Economic Competitiveness 

  • John Mueller, “Costs of the Proliferation Fixation,” in Atomic Obsession:  Nuclear Alarmism from Hiroshima to Al Qaeda (New York:  Oxford University Press, 2010), 129-142. Password Protected PDF

Micro, Small, and Advanced Modular Reactors

Nuclear Power and Global Warming

  • Sharon Squassoni, “The Realities of Nuclear Expansion” (testimony for U.S. House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming hearing, “Nuclear Power in a Warming World: Solution or Illusion?” Washington, DC, March 12, 2008).

Nuclear Subsidies

Uranium Enrichment

Plutonium Recycling

Natural Gas

Grid Storage Batteries

Distributed Non-Nuclear Electrical Systems

Resilience of Electricity Supply

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