Nuclear Terrorism Readings

Required Readings  

Recommended Readings

Nuclear Weapons Worries

  • Thomas B. Cochran and Matthew G. McKinzie, “Detecting Nuclear Smuggling,Scientific American 298, no. 4 (April 2008): 98-104. Password Protected  PDF
  • E. U. Condon, “The New Technique of Private War,” in One World or None, ed. Dexter Masters and Katherine Way (Washington, DC: Federation of American Scientists, 2007), 107-115.
  • CSIS Task Force on Global Organized Crime,Wild Atom: Nuclear Terrorism (Washington, DC: Center for Strategic and International Studies, 1998).
  • Charles D. Ferguson and William C. Potter with Amy Sands, Leonard S. Spector, and Fred L. Wehling, The Four Faces of Nuclear Terrorism (Monterey, CA: Monterey Institute for International Studies, 2005).
  • Russell Hardin, “Civil Liberties in the Era of Mass Terror,” Journal of Ethics 8 (July 2004): 77-95.
  • Brian Jenkins, “Nuclear Terrorism vs. Nuclear Terror,” Daily Motion video, 4:10, from a presentation to The Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco, September 29, 2008, posted by “FORA TV,” February 1, 2012,
  • Brian M. Jenkins, “The Potential for Nuclear Terrorism” (RAND Paper Series P5876, text of a speech given at Arms Control Association Conference on Nuclear Arms Proliferation and Nuclear Terrorism, Washington, DC May 8, 1977).
  • John Lauder, “Nuclear Terrorism: The Sum of All Fears,” in The Nuclear Terrorism Threat: How Real Is It? Henry D. Sokolski ed. (Working Paper 1602, Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, September 2016): 8-13.
  • Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, The Armageddon Test (Belfer Center Discussion Paper #2009-09, The Belfer Center, Harvard Kennedy School,  August 2009).

Nuclear Power Plant Vulnerabilities

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