Fission, Fusion & Bomb Designs Lecture

Lecture Notes:


    • Henry Sokolski, “Fission, Fusion and Bomb Designs.” Updated 2022.

Part 1: The Atom's Components

 Part 2: Chemical Reactions

Part 3: Binding Energy and Atomic Transmutations

 Part 4: Fission

 Part 5: Atomic Weapons Design Basics

 Part 6: The First Nuclear Bomb: Little Boy

Part 7: The Second Nuclear Bomb: Fat Man

Part 8: Post-1945 Single-Stage Weapons

Part 9: Multiple-Stage Weapon Designs


  • “Nuclear Energy Basics, Part 1: Fission, Fusion, and the Bomb,” Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, updated October 2021.  Available as a PDF.