Nuclear Policy 101 is a free online course of instruction on civil and military nuclear energy policy. This course focuses on questions central to assessing the merits of any nation’s civil and military nuclear policies. 

All of the required materials and readings needed to master the basics of nuclear policy issues are available through the site, including a complete course syllabus consisting of required and recommended readings, instructional briefs and primers, audio and visual recorded lectures, and a complete set of self-exams.

The website is designed for the independent student, students already registered in a nuclear-related course who want additional information, and professors who might be teaching or would like to teach a course on nuclear-related topics.

Course Introduction Video:

Course Topics:

  1. City Busting, the Nuclear Weapons Revolution, & Precision Guidance
  2. Nuclear Deterrence
  3. Fission, Fusion, & Bomb Designs
  4. Reactors & Nuclear Fuel Making
  5. History and Key Premises of International Nuclear Controls
  6. International Atomic Energy Agency and The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
  7. Arms Control
  8. Energy Economics: Nuclear and Non-Nuclear
  9. Nuclear Terrorism
  10. Nuclear Proliferation Intelligence
  11. Thinking about the Next Arms Race

Course Syllabus: 

A PDF of all the required and recommended readings is available here.

Kick-off and Guest Presentations: 

To view the recorded course kick-off and guest presentations, click here.